The GOProperty Management Approach

The GOProperty Management approach, is unique. Our capabilities, experience, and focus will help your Community Association and Board of Directors meet both short and long-term goals. Our approach, Analysis, Implementation, and Review, reliably produces solid results because it supports all phases of your Community Association’s initiatives.

We believe that it should be a “with” experience – that your association and GOProperty Management should work together, in partnership, for the betterment of the Association. Every Association’s situation is unique, with goals, challenges, and needs that are specific to your association; every Board of Directors is unique, and how you want the affairs of your Association administered is unique. GOProperty Management believes in working in partnership with you to co-create a customized solution for your Association.


The analysis phase allows GOProperty Management to gain in-depth insight into your Association. This phase ensures that all initiatives are (1) aligned with your Association’s specific objectives, and (2) tailored to the roles and needs of the various participating stakeholders, principally the Board of Directors.

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The implementation phase ensures that the initiatives, purpose, and process are effectively communicated, delivered, reinforced, and sustained to produce optimal impact. Because your Association has unique and specific objectives, your Board of Directors and GOProperty Management will co-create the appropriate components of the implementation to ensure success.

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The review phase tracks success in terms of application, and provides insight for fine-tuning strategic direction. GOProperty Management will work with your Board of Directors to determine how results we achieve together should be measured. At the end of each contract year, we should meet to assess and measure results and satisfaction, and to update your goals and objectives for the next year.

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How healthy is your Association? How healthy is your Association Management? GOProperty Management offers a Consulting service called HealthCheck, designed to help you answer those questions. There is no charge and no obligation for this service.

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State Statutes

Download documents that govern the property management industry in North Carolina.

Ch. 47C - Condominium

Ch. 47F - Planned Community

Ch. 55A - Non Profit