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Kid’s Menu

KIDS’ MENU High-rise communities are learning how to accommodate families with young children. By Julie Warren For a variety of reasons, condominium communities have long been considered the domain of singles, couples, and empty nesters. Not any more—especially in Toronto, where city planners are actively studying the robust migration of families with children into downtownRead More
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Who Lives in Our Community?

Understanding and appreciating the generational values of your neighbors contributes to a strong community. Matures: The Matures were born between 1920 and 1945. They’re the last of the veterans of the World and Korean Wars, and are also called the “Silent Generation.” They’re about sacrifice. They survived the Great Depression, and they still reuse aluminumRead More
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State Statutes

Download documents that govern the property management industry in North Carolina.

Ch. 47C - Condominium

Ch. 47F - Planned Community

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