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Kid’s Menu

KIDS’ MENU High-rise communities are learning how to accommodate families with young children. By Julie Warren For a variety of reasons, condominium communities have long been considered the domain of singles, couples, and empty nesters. Not any more—especially in Toronto, where city planners are actively studying the robust migration of families with children into downtownRead More
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Locking Up

LOCKING UP Important steps in making communities safer. By Julie Warren   It’s a familiar story: A home in a community association is vandalized or burglarized, and the neighbors are outraged and fearful. Other residents worry that their home is next. To prevent a recurrence, the association board votes to install stronger locks, new securityRead More
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Here’s What HOA Residents Have to Say

Americans who live in community associations are overwhelmingly pleased with their communities, expressing strong satisfaction with the board members who govern their associations and the community managers who provide professional support. More than seven in 10 community association residents expressed satisfaction with their community experience, according to a survey conducted by Zogby International, a leadingRead More
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Get a Free HealthCheck Consultation

How healthy is your Association? How healthy is your Association Management? GOProperty Management offers a Consulting service called HealthCheck, designed to help you answer those questions. There is no charge and no obligation for this service.

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