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Ten Reasons to Volunteer for the Association

Ten reasons to volunteer in your Community Association. Protect your self-interests. Protect your property values and maintain the quality of life in your community. Correct a problem. Has your car been towed, or do you think maybe maintenance has been neglected? Be sociable. Meet your neighbors, make friends, and exchange opinions. Give back. Repay aRead More
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We Don’t Need You – NOT!

Please do not volunteer to help the association or serve on any committees. Here’s why: It’s a giant, scary responsibility. Your neighbors will blame you for everything. All your free time will disappear, and you’ll become enslaved to the association. You’ll have to work with bombasts, dictators, figureheads, and puppets. You’ll never have any funRead More
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Get a Free HealthCheck Consultation

How healthy is your Association? How healthy is your Association Management? GOProperty Management offers a Consulting service called HealthCheck, designed to help you answer those questions. There is no charge and no obligation for this service.

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State Statutes

Download documents that govern the property management industry in North Carolina.

Ch. 47C - Condominium

Ch. 47F - Planned Community

Ch. 55A - Non Profit