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We Don’t Need You – NOT!

Please do not volunteer to help the association or serve on any committees. Here’s why: It’s a giant, scary responsibility. Your neighbors will blame you for everything. All your free time will disappear, and you’ll become enslaved to the association. You’ll have to work with bombasts, dictators, figureheads, and puppets. You’ll never have any funRead More
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Why Should We Scoop the Poop?

Besides being a nuisance, uncollected dog waste is a serious problem for our association. Next time you’re tempted to leave your dog’s droppings on the lawn, please remember these facts: The Environmental Protection Agency is becoming aggressive about enforcing the Clean Water Act. Our association could be fined if dog waste goes uncollected. Uncollected dogRead More
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Why Do We Need Reserves?

Equipment and major components (like the roofs) must be replaced from time to time, regardless of whether we plan for the expense. We prefer to plan and set the funds aside now. Reserve funds aren’t an extra expense—they just spread out expenses more evenly. There are other important reasons we put association monies into reservesRead More
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Calling All Homeowners

All meetings of the association board are open meetings. Residents are encouraged to observe meetings and read approved minutes. Residents who wish to address the board are welcome to do so during the homeowner forum conducted at the beginning of each business meeting. Here are few tips for participating: Put it in writing. You willRead More
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Why a Fee Increase?

It isn’t news most homeowners want to hear: that assessments might be increased. But sometimes a fee increase is the best way to keep the association in good financial health — and, sometimes, increases are unavoidable. Here are some of the reactions homeowners typically have when they hear that their fees are about to increase,Read More
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Who Lives in Our Community?

Understanding and appreciating the generational values of your neighbors contributes to a strong community. Matures: The Matures were born between 1920 and 1945. They’re the last of the veterans of the World and Korean Wars, and are also called the “Silent Generation.” They’re about sacrifice. They survived the Great Depression, and they still reuse aluminumRead More
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Running for the Board—Do I Have What it Takes?

If you’re considering running for the board, we ask that you take a few moments to ask yourself the following three questions: Do I have the time? As a board member, you will need to devote at least several hours of your time each month to association business. In addition to regular monthly board meetings,Read More
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Five Ways to Keep Fees Down

Residents can help the association minimize its maintenance expenses by observing a few simple considerations. This helps hold assessment levels—your fees—down. Do NOT put newspapers in the trash cans. Place them in the trash room either tied in bundles or stacked in paper (never plastic) bags. Newspapers must be recycled – it’s a county ordinance.Read More
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Government Urges Americans to Be Prepared

The anniversary of the 9-11 attacks and the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina are all the reminders we need that it pays to be prepared for natural and terror-related emergencies. September was National Preparedness Month, but its passing does not mean that we can’t take some basic steps to be prepared. No matter how safeRead More
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Flags in Our Community Associations

The following article is an excellent opportunity for you to explain your association’s policy on flying the U.S. flag and other banners and emblems. President Bush signed a law in July that gives Americans living in homeowner associations the right to fly an American flag. Effective July 24, the Freedom to Display the American FlagRead More
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